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Review ofManasi Naik

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Manasi Naik

At a time when production of Marathi films is on the rise, we notice so many artistes facing competition from within and beyond the industry. Actress Manasi Naik is not scared of this competition. Recently, when we met her and asked about the competition in her field, she said, “My competition is with my own self. It is almost seven years now that I am in this Marathi film industry. I have no Godfather here. Therefore, I would like to thank my parents, for being with me all the time and supporting me, by showing full faith in me. With every step I take in this field, I am learning new things. Everybody goes through good and bad experiences in their respective field but if you are focused and have patience, you will never face many problems.”
Having seen her  in a variety of roles in recent films like ‘Murder Mestri’, ‘Dholki’ and ’The Shadow’ (Savali), we asked her about her progress. She replied,” After Diwali, you will see me in a film ‘Carry On Deshpande’, which is directed by Vijay Patkar. In this film, I have plenty of scope to display my acting skills. I am sure that this film will give me an identity of a complete actress. My role in ‘Dholki’ was just a beginning.