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Review ofMedha Manjrekar

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Medha Manjrekar

Prior to release of ‘Kaksparsh’, Medha Manjrekar was known more as the wife of film maker-actor Mahesh Manjrekar, though she had performed in a few films. But ‘Kaksparsh’ gave her recognition as an actress. When Mahesh Manjrekar and Nana Patekar announced the making of the film ‘Natasamraat’, based on the popular Marathi drama with the same name, Medha Manjrekar was nowhere in the picture. But later, when Reema Lagoo decided not to play the role of Kaveri, the search was on for a suitable actress for this role. There was talk that Nana’s wife Neelakanti would play this role; but finally we saw Medha Manjrekar playing this important character. Now, the shooting of this film is over and the film is all set to release on 1 January, 2016. Recently, we met Medha during the first look launch of this film and we asked her whether she was really tense working under the direction of her husband. She quickly reacted, saying, “More than my husband, I was tense performing in presence of Nana Patekar Sir. I had earlier worked under the direction of Mahesh; but I was facing the camera along with Nana Sir for the first time. I can’t tell the exact reason, but I was initially tense to perform in his presence. But as the shooting progressed, I became comfortable and tried my best in the rest of the scenes.