Contest announcement

22nd August 2021 daily between 1900 – 2000 Hrs

Platform on which Contest shall be available

Questions will be asked on the channel “Fakt Marathi”

Entries should be submitted through WhatsApp number provided by the channel, displayed on screen and explained to revert in the format specified by the anchors of the show Entries submitted on any other platform will not be considered.

Start and End Timing for posting the Entries

Each Question will have 10 minutes to be answered on daily basis and we will have 6 questions daily.


  • Contest will be conducted on the Channel “Fakt Marathi”.
  • A combination of General Knowledge, Films related Actors and Actresses related, Clips of movies and there names, Guess the price of the product Devotional based questions will be asked by the channel during the contest time.
  • Participants have to provide correct answers through WhatsApp on the contact number provided by the channel during the contest time.